Monday, March 21, 2016

#OprahChopra 21 Day Meditation Challenge: Shedding the Weight

Day One

Centering Thought:  My struggle has ended.  I am in harmony with myself.

Sanskirt Mantra:  Om Laghu Bhavam (I am lightness itself.)

Message of the day:  "Lightness and weightiness... are both choices in life." -- Erik Pevernagie

"Today we discover that we don't have to struggle to shed our burdens -- all we need to do is expand our awareness.  In that awareness we find the inner fulfullment that is our true self.  This state of expanded awareness is the lightness in your life, and allows you to effortlessly let go of heaviness that doesn't serve you."

I did this in my car at lunch and dozed a little bit.  I can't focus on my breath my mind wanders but the 15 or so minutes of actual mediation go by very quickly.  I do have a lot of heaviness in my life, I feel very burdened lately.  Everything feels so urgent.  And mad.  And sad.

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