Wednesday, January 27, 2016

#MoneyLoveChallenge Day 4

"Write down your 2016 #MoneyLove goals. I recommend having an earning goal, a saving goal, an investing goal, and a giving goal."

My earning goal:  $40,000.  I usually make around $35 or so I think, just working the 9-5.  But this year I want to try to start selling some writing, maybe some art, and getting a good old fashioned part time weekend job.

A saving goal:  $1,000.  Just the small starting-out baby emergency fund to have on hand while paying off debts (is it cool to merge a little Dave Ramsey in with my Kate Northrup?)

Investing goal:  This is so hard.  I'm putting literal change into my new 401k just to get the account opened, as one of the babystep rules is to forego retirement funds until debt is paid off.  My goal is to not lose all of my old one, I don't even want to check my balance.  I'll say my goal is to roll it over without taking anything out of it, which will be a huge temptation.... I was thinking about withdrawing a grand to fund the baby e-fund.... but if I don't have to actually struggle to save it up, it won't feel hard won and will be too easy to tap into.

Giving goal:  Ten dollars a month, TBD.

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